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I Can Wholeheartedly Recommend Grasp Hand Therapy

I nearly cut my finger off with a circular saw. After surgery to have it fixed, I was referred to Jenn at Grasp Hand Therapy. On my first visit she expertly crafted a splint to protect the pin sticking out of my finger, and we started a six-month set of therapy sessions. I cannot state more strongly how impressed I was with Jenn. She is a consummate expert when it comes to hands and how to rehabilitate them, but she is also kind and caring. If you ever need help rehabilitating your hands, I can wholeheartedly recommend Grasp Hand Therapy.

— Jesse H.

Personalized Treatment

“When I began treatment with Jenn at Grasp Hand Therapy I was suffering from severe tendinitis in both of my arms. It was significantly effecting my work and personal life so much that I was doubtful I would ever reach a state of being pain-free. Today, my hand and arm pain is gone thanks to the personalized treatment I received.”

— Chris L.

What a Difference

“Jenn is an A+ Occupational Therapist! At most offices you see the therapist for a few minutes and then you’re passed off to an assistant. Jenn spent a full hour one on one with me each time—what a difference! I highly recommend her.”

— Carol P.

Brought Me to Restoration

“Jenn is amazing! My wrist surgeon referred me to her after a triple fracture. I saw her for six months and highly recommend her. Her focus on scar healing, strength, flexibility and range of motion brought me to restoration. She is compassionate and caring. She is firm with the therapy needed. She assesses any secondary symptoms to correct strain. She advises well to prevent further injury. I remember a couple times my memory of the trauma of my injury came up and we worked through that too. Jen is empathetic! Highlights in session: I’ll say the warm wax and the ice compression are a good way to start and finish. The pain in the middle … well, the results are worth it!”

— Deanna A.

The Best Therapist in San Diego

“My hand surgeon recommended Jenn Curry Guth to me as the best therapist in San Diego. My past experiences with physical therapists have been neither “therapeutic” nor pleasant. My experience with Jenn has been the opposite. What a wonderful surprise! I looked forward to our hourly sessions every week and soon regained the mobility of my index finger (after surgery for a horse-bite crush fracture). It is a privilege to write a review of Jenn Curry Guth’s healing skills. She can only be described as world-class.”

— Jo L.

Seriously, It Does Not Get Any Better Than Jenn

“Seriously, it does not get any better than Jenn. She spends way more time with patients than any one else, and is caring, experienced, and competent.”

— Milton P.

The One on One Attention was Exactly What I Needed

“This was my first time using an Occupational Therapist for rehab. Thanks to Jenn @GRASP Hand Therapy, the swelling and pain has decreased in my hands. The one on one attention was exactly what I needed. I will definitely refer anyone I know experiencing hand or finger problems to her. Jenn was the best. Thanks again.”

— Chris S.

Effective, Caring and Honest Hand Therapist

“I saw Jenn for 2.5 months for hand therapy after having surgery on a broken finger. Firstly, it was effective: mobility, range of motion and strength are all restored on my finger and hand. Secondly, her “bedside” manner is excellent: she is very professional and gives explanations for her methods or the kinds of exercises she makes me do—at the same time she is very considerate and friendly. The attention you get with her is very personalized. Lastly, she is very honest: at one point she told me I could start going to therapy less frequently (even though that meant a lower revenue from me). I’m happy to say that in 2.5 months, Jenn helped me reach my therapy goals and discharged me. If you are looking for an effective, caring and honest hand therapist, this is a great place to find that.”

— Ailsa T.

Thorough and Individualized Attention

“I was in need of a certified hand therapist in the North County Coastal area of San Diego. I had seen several therapists but was not finding the ‘one-on-one’, thorough & individualized attention I had been used to from my health care providers. I found GRASP Hand Therapy after doing an internet search. The owner, Jenn, personally called to schedule my first appointment. Just like that initial contact, Jenn’s treatment is one-on-one, thorough, personal, professional—and the icing on the cake—she is a genuinely warm, caring lady! We successfully resolved the hand issue I had and I am so pleased to have her in our family’s armamentarium of health care professionals now!”

— Rita B.

10/10—Would Highly Recommend

“Jenn is so passionate about what she is doing and will do her absolute best in helping you recover as quick as possible. The one-on-one time you get for an hour with Jenn is the best! You will progress fast and also learn so much to help you stay healed! 10/10. Would highly recommend.”

— Sage L.

Not Only Good with the Hand but the Entire Arm

“I found Grasp Hand Therapy online for my wife and I’m so thankful I found Jenn! In November, my wife had fallen and fractured her humerus just above the elbow. This fracture affects the entire arm from shoulder to hand. We were in the Carlsbad area for the month of January and I wanted the best therapist for my wife Carol. So glad I found Grasp Hand Therapy. We booked 12 sessions with Jenn for the month of January. Jenn is professional with a positive attitude and spends the entire hour working with her client. Jenn is not only good with the hand but also the entire arm. Thanks to Jenn, Carol is on the mend!”

— Robert H.

Above and Beyond

“Grasp Hand Therapy was a God send. During my hand therapy I also had foot surgery & Jenn went above & beyond to accommodate my limitations. Jenn is very helpful & caring. But don’t let that fool you, she can be quite the task master. Thanks Jenn & Grasp Hand Therapy!”

— Cindi G.

Needed Hand Therapy for a Fractured Left Thumb

“For anyone out there that needs to have physical therapy, Grasp Hand Therapy is the only place that I would go. I needed hand therapy for a fractured left thumb after two surgeries. I chose Grasp Hand Therapy from the Internet after my research on what a CHT is, and Jenn fit the bill. After one visit I knew this was the place for me.

Once again, let me state how important it was to get the one-on-one personal treatment from Jenn. I would highly recommend anyone, with any type of injury needing therapy, to go to Grasp Hand Therapy.”

— James W.

Anyone Who Uses Their Hands for a Living

“Jenn is THE BEST…Don’t know what I’d do without her help with my CRPS-RSD. I love the undivided attention she gives each patient. At Grasp, patients get a full hour with Jenn herself. This was not the case when I first had hand therapy in 2012. I’d recommend her highly for any post hand/arm surgery patient. Even more important, she can often help proactively to avoid surgery. Anyone who uses their hands for a living could benefit from hand therapy. Jenn is an expert splint designer and fabricator. She often spends hours with a patient if necessary building just what is needed. Until you have a hand problem, you don’t realize how hard it is to function with less than full mobility. Don’t wait and let it get to that point. Jenn can help!”

— Dana G.

Playing Tennis Again, Without Pain

“I have been suffering from tennis elbow for two years and have tried other treatments without any long term success until I met Jenn. There are no words to emphasize how appreciative I am for the individualized treatments. She showed and explained the mechanics of the exercises and stretches on the road to my recovery to play tennis again, without pain. Jenn is an amazing therapist who is knowledgeable in her field of expertise and demonstrates compassion and dedication in treating her patients.”

— Loanne C.

No Longer Triggering, Locking or Having Pain

“I am so happy that I found Jenn right here in Carlsbad! She is an upbeat and positive person. I was having triggering and locking issues with a finger. After a few months of therapy AND doing what I was supposed to do at home, I am happy to say not only did I avoid surgery but I am no longer triggering, locking or having pain!”

— Lauren M.

Dedication, Time, and Flexibility

“Jenn at Grasp Hand Therapy is top notch. Physical Therapy is incredibly important, and she makes sure it’s done right. After having my recently broken hand removed from its cast, I was told that I would suffer in mobility and long term loss in gripping power. I was refereed to Grasp Hand Therapy by my doctor to help mitigate these issues.

The dedication, time, and flexibility I got from Jenn made the treatment stand out immediately. Each hour long session meant that we had ample time to measure progress, discuss and practice my hand exercises in length, and utilize advanced hand treatment technologies like ultrasound. I highly recommend Grasp.”

—Michael G.

Grasp Hand Therapy is Who I Would Recommend, Hands Down

“Jenn is amazing!! Can’t say enough about her. Best hand therapist ever!!

I cut my hand really bad with a grinder. It lacerated my tendon and nerve. When I started with her two weeks ago I could barely move my middle and ring fingers. I was honestly kind of afraid to even try. I really had no idea what to do for hand physical therapy. For my first appointment Jenn worked with me for about an hour in a one on one setting and by the next day my hand felt way better. I probably gained 30% mobility in that one day. She also sent me home with a whole bunch of exercises and toys to work on my hand everyday, twice a day. It all helped tremendously!!

I have been back once more since my first appointment and again was amazed at her knowledge and the gains I have been making (I now have about 95% mobility) because of her help. I learn something new every time I see her.

If you are in need of a hand therapist, Grasp Hand Therapy is who I would recommend, hands down (no pun intended).”

—Shawn H.

Ring Finger Pain and Swelling

“Thanks to Jenn @ GRASP Hand Therapy, my finger is healing day by day. The swelling and pain has decreased, and I’m able to use it more. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made due to Jenn’s knowledge and caring attitude. I will definitely refer anyone I know experiencing hand or finger problems to her. Thank you so much!”

—Cheryl S.

Chronic Left Elbow Pain

“As a former competitive athlete I have had chronic left elbow pain for over 10 years. I received treatment at Grasp Hand Therapy and am happy to report that my morning upper body workouts no longer bother my elbow. Not only did they work on my elbow, but they included a stretching program that I could do on my own. Thank you so much Grasp Hand Therapy!”

—Tyler M.

Contracture Release Left Pinky

“Jenn is Highly Regarded by the UCSD hand surgeons! Dr. Hentzen wanted me to work with her specifically. I’m so glad he did! My finger ended up being much straighter than my surgeon had predicted. He said that I owed that to Jenns’ follow up! Thank you, Jenn! I’ll be back when I do my right hand!”

—John S.

Jenn Not Only Knows Her Stuff, She’s Fun To Be With

“Have painful arthritis in my left hand. Jennifer was able to not only noticeably reduce the pain but increase my range of motion as well.”

—Bob G.

Pleasant, Cheery Atmosphere

“From start to finish, Jenn was great. I can’t imagine how my wrist would feel now if I hadn’t had physical therapy after carpal tunnel surgery. Jenn gave good instructions and could explain how the surgery affected my wrist and hand and why I needed to be gentle with exercise.”

—Pat V.

Occupational Therapy Rocks!

“This was my first time using an Occupational Therapist for rehab on my elbow and wrist. Jenn was upbeat and encouraging without pushing so much that the work would irritate the tissues. Very satisfied with the outcome. Jenn is a gem!”

—Felise L.

Excellent Occupational Therapy with Jenn in Encinitas

“My visits with Jenn have been nothing but positive. She is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and personable therapist. If you require any occupational therapy, Jenn is the person you need! Thank you so much, Jenn!”

—Linh G.

Professional and Caring Service

“I am currently seeing Jenn Curry for a stubborn dislocated finger. I feel confident that I am with the best occupational hand therapist around. Due to her knowledge, dedication, and genuine attitude towards me and her other patients I stay confident that the work we are doing will pay off.”

—Brad M.

Care, Consideration and Skill

“Jenn has treated me with care, consideration, and skill, and I also appreciate her willingness to listen to my feedback as a patient.”

—Margaret Jane M.

Personality Compliments Her Skill

“Jenn is very talented at what she does. Her upbeat personality compliments her skill. She is motivating and encouraging. I would highly recommend Jenn for Occupational Therapy.”

—Sarah G.

Serving the Hand Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Custom Splinting needs of San Diego, CA, including Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside,
San Marcos, Vista, Cardiff, Solana Beach, and Escondido.

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  1. Lauren Messinger says:

    I am so happy that I found Jenn right here in Carlsbad! She is an upbeat and positive person. I was having triggering and locking issues with a finger. After a few months of therapy AND doing what I was supposed to do at home, I am happy to say not only did I avoid surgery but I am no longer triggering, locking or having pain!

    – Lauren M. — 2015

  2. crush760 says:

    Jen is the best! She worked miracles on my right hand, after a tragic car accident that crushed it. I have recommend her to friends and family for years and will continue to do so!

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