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Tip: Laptop positioning–How to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis

To reduce muscular tension and pain, position your computer’s monitor so that the top of the screen is at eye level, the distance is at arm’s length, and it’s perpendicular to your window to reduce glare. This recommendation is all in good, but you may be telling yourself, “I have a laptop and the monitor can’t be raised!” Don’t let this hurdle stop you from proper ergonomics regarding your neck, shoulders, forearms and hands!

The easiest solution is to get a separate keyboard and mouse and use an adjustable laptop stand. Here is a link to give you some ideas:

One word of caution in adjustable laptop stands: they correct the height of your monitor, but you need to ensure your newly separated keyboard allows you to bend your elbows to 90 degrees. If your desk is too high this is impossible. Another easy solution for this: get yourself a sliding keyboard tray that installs underneath your desk. Again, make sure your elbows are bent to 90 degrees and your wrists are in a neutral position when the keyboard is in the tray. This neutral position helps prevent carpal tunnel symptoms and tendinitis. And then place your mouse in the tray, as it should be at the same level as the keyboard immediately beside it.

I can already feel your pain and tensionĀ disappearing!

Yours in health,

Tip: Using your computer’s mouse sparingly

A quick tip for today while working on your computer to prevent carpal tunnel and tendinitis: Instead of keeping your hand raised over the mouse while you read webpages or documents, simply take it down and place it in your lap until you have to click on to something else. A simple way you reduce overall strain on your hands and wrists throughout the day!

Yours in health,